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Train from Beijing to Shanghai

Beijing - Shanghai (1318 Km) new High Speed Train

This is Beijing station

30 June 2011, the official carrier of the first riders of

the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail train pulled out

from the Beijing South Railway Station, bound for


Through the Beijing South Third Ring Road

The crew to board first

With the design speed of 350 kmh, the maximum

speed is 300 kmh. Trains are divided into first-class

car, second-class cars, dining cars, business cars and

VIP tourist area.

To meet special requirements of passengers, there

are dedicated disabled riding area, wheelchair

accessible bathrooms and corridors.

Journey time for the 1318 km run, 4 hours and 48


The full fare: second-class seat 555 yuan (£55), first-

class seat 935 yuan (£93).

(To compare; standard economy one-way fare, flight

Paris to Rome on Air France, 1120 km, flight time

2hrs, is £561, as at April 2012).